We’ve all heard so much in the news about various drugs, but do you really understand what they are and what they do to the human body? Here you will find information on the various substances being used.


Make Alcohol Less Accessible [Opportunity Alliance – pdf]


Electronic Cigarettes: Know the Facts [The Breathe Easy Coalition -pdf]

Hookah – Not a Safe Alternative [The Breathe Easy Coalition -pdf]


Marijuana & Young People: The Science is Clear: DON’T MIX [pdf]

Talking to Your Teen about Marijuana [Partnership for Drug-Free Kids]

Lock Up Your Marijuana [Opportunity Alliance – pdf]

Marijuana: The Landscape has Changed [Opportunity Alliance – pdf]

Marijuana Fact Sheet [Missouri Substance Abuse Prevention Network – pdf]


When you need opiods – and when you don’t [pdf]

Preventing Heroin Use: Facts, Factors, and Strategies [pdf]