There are a lot of resources available for helping us understand how to help our youth stay or become drug-free. We have a responsibility to educate ourselves so that we can help properly. Join the Be the Influence Coalition to learn and help local youth.

If you are concerned about your child's drug usage, below are educational resources for parents and youth.

Prescription Opioids: Even When Prescribed by a Doctor (video-click here)

Resources - left column

Intervention in self-harm activities is not just done hastily. That is why we recently published this data-driven piece on Preventing Self-harm in Teens: A Guide for Appropriate Intervention.

To help your audience understand the concealment of self-harm among teens, we uncovered the following:

The reasons why teens do self-harm
Some acts that can be considered self-harm
Signs and long-term risks of untreated self-harming behaviors
Strategies loved ones can do
Utilizing school support system and support organizations
Often, teens deny their engagement in self-harming behavior by concealing their activities. We also found that 13 years old is the average age of the first incident of self-harm.

-Addiction services available in Maine
-Informative video about addiction, drugs commonly used in Maine, with info and tips
-Tips to help someone get off drugs
-Clearly laid out the different services available and payment options
-Pros and Cons
-Access to a helpline for information, at no cost
-Statistics and FAQs
-Helpful articles
-"What's new in Maine" with news updated monthly
-And more

Call your local OPTIONS (Overdose Prevention Through Intensive Outreach, Naloxone and Safety) worker for assistance or more information: Tom MacElhaney (207)468-2848
Uninsured? Visit the link below to apply for MaineCare Insurance

Recovery homes in your area visit the link below

Hope Haven Shelter Lewiston ME (207)783-6086

Oxford Street Shelter Portland ME (207)775-0026

Tetford Shelter Brunswick ME (207)729-1161


(Private Pay, Commercial/Private Insurance

Pine Tree Recovery Center 17 Bishop St Portland, ME (207)671-2877

Liberty Bay Recovery Center 343 Forest Ave Portland, ME (207)671-2877

Casco Bay Recovery Center 989 Brighton Ave Portland ME (207)577-5144

Providence Retreat 408 Bar Mills Rd Hollis, ME (207)298-9130

(MaineCare accepted, free-of-charge)

Cross Roads (Windham ME) (207)773-9931

St. Francis House (Lewiston/Auburn ME) (207)784-2901

Recovery Connections of Maine (Lewiston/Auburn) (207)440-7922

Milestone Recovery (Portland/Old Orchard Beach) (207)440-7922 The Salvation Army (Portland ME) (207)774-7818

Teen Challenge for Adults (Winslow ME) (207)377-2801 https://tcmaine.org

(Exchange, clean supplies, fentanyl test strips, Hep-C/HIV tesing)

Church of Safe Injection (Mobile, Lewiston ME) (207)330-1064

The Exchange @ Portland Public Health (39 Forest Ave Portland ME) (207)756-8022

Maine Access Points (State wide/by-mail) (207)370-9445

LLRC Teen Talk

Tuesdays from 10:00AM- 1:00PM

Call 207-291-0086

Local Resources

Statewide Helpline: 211 Maine, Dial 211, https://www.211maine.org

Milestone Recovery

Email: sheck@milestone-recovery.org
Call: 207-775-4790

Overdose prevention, connections to treatment/recovery resources, free local help, naloxone

Outpatient and Medically-Assisted

CAP Quality Care, Westbrook, Maine
(207) 856-7227

Catholic Charities, Portland, Maine
(207) 775-5671

Discovery House, South Portland, Maine
(207) 774-7111

Grace Street Services, Portland
(207) 245-1800

Groups Recover Together, Portland
(207) 637-6237

Maine Behavioral Healthcare, Westbrook
(207) 856-1500

Merrimack River Medical Services, Portland, Maine
(207) 221-2292

Treatment and Recovery Options




Weekly Meetings Heading

Weekly Meetings

Weekly Meetings info

Resources - right column


Portland Recovery Community Center (102 Bishop St Portland Maine) (207)553-2575

Bath Recovery Community Center (97 Commercial St Bath ME) (207)389-4937

Spurwink Warming Center (Corner of Elm St and Oxford St. Portland ME) (207)773-7811

The Gathering Place (5 Tenney Way Brunswick ME) (207)729-0288

(Private Pay, Commercial Insurance and MaineCare accepted)

Northern Light (Forest Ave Portland ME) (207)409-6671

Crossroads (Windham ME/Virtual) (207)773-9931

GROUPS Recover Together (Various sites/virtual) www.groupsrecovery.com (888)512-2328

Greater Portland Health (180 Park Ave Portland ME) (207)874-2141

Sweetser MAT Program(329 Bath Road Brunswick ME) (800)434-3000

Aware Recovery Care (Various locations/Virtual) www.awarerecoverycare.com (207)203-909


Operation Hope Scarborough (207)553-2575 www.operationhopemaine.weebly.com

Operation Hope Waterville (207)680-4700 www.waterville-me.gov

The Family Restored (207)387-0015 https://thefamilyrestored.org

Providence Retreat Scholarships (207)298-9130 https://providenceretreat.org

Dignity Emergency Recovery Funds (207)773-9724 https://dignitymaine.com

Mental Health Services

SMART Child and Family Services
Outpatient Counseling and Psychiatric Services, Case Management, Home and Community Based Therapy
86 Tandberg Trail, Windham, Maine
(207) 893-0386

Tri-County Mental Health Services
744 Roosevelt Trail #303, Windham, Maine
(207) 892-4623

Health Affiliates
Counselors in Windham, Raymond, or In-Home
(207) 333-3278(207) 892-4623

Case management, outpatient therapy, school counseling

Mental Health Emergency

Maine State Crisis Line: 1-888-568-1112  - Or - call 911, or visit the closest emergency room.

Warm Line: 1-866-771-9276 (WARM)-  a 24/7 line for support for those with mental illness.

Impact of stigma on those with substance use disorders

Learn more about the connection between ACEs, overdose, and suicide and approaches for addressing these interrelated challenges: Addiction language guide

More great resources and information are available through Shatterproof: https://www.shatterproof.org/

Substance Use Emergency

Mercy Hospital: Recovery
40 Park St., Westbrook, Maine
(207) 857-8282

Substance Use Services

SMART Child and Family Services
Outpatient Counseling and Psychiatric Services, Case Management, Home and Community Based Therapy
86 Tandberg Trail, Windham, Maine
(207) 893-0386

Food Addiction and Chemical Dependency Consultants, LLC
50 Sandbar Rd, Unit C, Windham, Maine
(207) 893-0213

The Quit Line - Maine Tobacco HelpLine
1(800) 207-1230

Recovery Support

Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon Meetings - District 17
Check link for AA, Al-Anon, Ala-Teen, and other group meetings and current schedule
(207) 774-3034

Portland Recovery Community Center
468 Forest Ave, Portland, Maine
(207) 553-2575

Clyde Bailey Drop-In Center
224 Roosevelt Trail, South, Casco, Maine

Westbrook Recovery Liaison
(207) 303-4009

Milestone Foundation
Portland, Maine
(207) 775-4790

Day One
South Portland, Maine
(207) 874-1045

Maine Alliance for Addiction Recovery (MAAR)
(207) 621-4111

Narcotics Anonymous

Windham, Maine

Monarch Place
Portland, Maine






Psycom Awareness Group


The Recovery Village

Addiction Resource

Detox Rehabs

Addiction Center

Teen Addiction Treatment
Tips for Teens: The Truth About E-Cigarettes
Tips for Teens: The Truth About Marijuana
Tips for Teens: The Truth About Anabolic Steriods
Tips for Teens: The Truth About Opioids

Intersection of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Overdose, and Suicide

Learn more about the connection between ACEs, overdose, and suicide and approaches for addressing these interrelated challenges: http://urgentrelatedpreventable.org/

Free Massachusetts Rehab Centers

Better Life Partners

OUD-AUD outpatient/MAT treatment and counseling

Employment Guide for People in Substance Abuse Recovery

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration states that over 19 million Americans suffer from substance abuse issues. Studies have shown that finding employment plays a huge factor in maintaining sobriety as having a regular work schedule builds a routine and structure as well as provides a sense of purpose.

To help people in recovery gain meaningful employment, we created a resource that provides information on job searching, addressing employment gaps, interview preparation, and the laws that protect them.

You can view it here: https://www.resumebuilder.com/employment-guide-for-people-in-substance-abuse-recovery/

Mutual Aid Support Groups

Where: 110 Tandberg Trail, Windham, ME

Women's Weekly Support Group

Starting April 5th and will be held every Wednesday Evening 5:15pm-6:30pm

Join us for a weekly support group to connect with others through compassionate conversations and develop a social network
· Experience the healing power of connection within a tender, kind community...
· Cultivate change with the use of learning self-empathy by receiving from others...
· Practice healthy communication skills...

· Interested in Signing Up!!

· Please Contact: Phyllis Warchol @ 207- 310-8942

· https://www.weallneedhelpsometimes.net/

· $30-$50.00 a session *Based on self-determined ability to pay*


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