An abundance of articles on COVID - 19 including Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus.

Dr. John Duffy - Television interview with Dr. Duffy gives his medical advice on how to adapt and stay calm during an anxiety-inducing time.

Works to help students with learning and thinking differences, several resources under Coronavirus: Latest Updates and Tips

Corona Anxiety Helpful Tips and Tools

211 now available to answer general questions about COVID-19

Available by dialing 211 (or 1-866-811-5695), texting your ZIP code to 898-211, or emailing info@211maine.org

Meditation app offering some free meditations to reduce COVID-19 stress

Article with coping strategies

Fun relaxing videos great for study break

COVID -19 Information and Resources

Free, combats stress/anxiety, acting as a natural tranquillizer for your nervous system. It takes just over a minute and can be done anywhere.

Mindfulness videos for kids

1) Zoom Silent Disco-we all love dancing, so why not do it with your friends? For a zoom silent disco, create a spotify/apple music playlist will all your favorite songs, then share that playlist with all your friends. Then, get on a Zoom call with your friends, pop your headphones in, and get dancing!

  1. Hop on a zoom call with your friends
  2. Everyone downloads the app "Pulse Social Radio" to listen together
  3. One person creates a station, and sends it out to their friends
  4. Everyone adds songs to the station, and dance away!
  5. Alternative, use a Zoom breakout room, share your audio w/everyone else on silent, and dance away together!

2) Live Stream a favorite show and keep the chat open-Everyone loves a movie night, and those movie nights are event more fun with your friends! And no one likes when someone talks through a movie, so why not be able to chat about it silently? Try some of the links below to socially watch a movie with your friends!

  1. Watch videos and shows together with: https://twoseven.xyz/
  2. Download the extension "Netflix Party" on Google Chrome to start a watch party! Join a Zoom call and put yourself on silent to watch all together

3) Kast is another great watch together service!

4) Virtual Cooking Class-This one is simple and has a variety of ways to do it. Either you can pull up a YouTube video of a cooking class, and share your screen (or use one of the services above like Kast), or, one person leads a class cooking a dish, demonstrating each party of the recipe. Once you're done, you can all eat together!

5) Book Club

6) Esports-Using native online features of the Switch, Xbox, and Playstation, create tournaments for all sorts of games! Using a website such as Challonge, you can create a bracket for your tournament. Using a service like Kast, you can watch one another & compete as you play computer-based games as well!

7) Virtual Zumba/Yoga class-Things are stressful right now, we need a breather! Through Kast or Zoom, open a YouTube Zumba or yoga video, and come together for some class and relaxation!

  1. Yoga with Adriene is a great place to start! Adriene's videos are free, fun, and accessible. Her videos range from 15-40 minutes, so there's definitely a class for you!
  2. LIVELOVEPARTY.TV has a ton of Zumba videos for you & your friends to do!