Community Stakeholders

They say it takes a village to raise a child- we are ALL a part of that village. Together we can ensure that we are providing children with a safe, healthy community with opportunities to grow and thrive. We can all Be the Influence in the lives of our children, and our decisions matter. There are many ways to help, and many resources available. Consider what you are doing to make the community one that values youth, ensures safety and promotes healthy lifestyles. Check the messages you give about drugs and alcohol to make sure they are accurate, consistent and positively impacting. Want to check your facts or ways in which you can contribute? Check us out.

Who We Are:

In March of 2014 a collaborative group of Windham and Raymond community members joined forces to raise awareness and address concerns caused by substance use and abuse in our communities. While a community wide issue, the Be The Influence collaborative has focused its attention towards prevention and education on youth in an effort to ensure healthy adults in our future communities.

The collaborative is comprised of members of the RSU #14 school community, local law enforcement agencies, town councils, the Sebago Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce, prevention and counseling organizations, libraries, community organizations and the business community at large.

Using data and anecdotal information, the collaborative developed a problem statement and identified contributing factors, and together we have created a comprehensive plan to improve the consistency of information, education, resources, and communication to better equip all stakeholders in supporting healthy decision making by teens and adults.


Community Stakeholders

Front L-R
Tony Plante, Town Manager Windham
Kelli Deveaux, Assistant Principal – WHS
Student, Lauren Syfers
Don Willard, Town Manager Raymond

Back L-R
William Andrews, Windham Police Department
Doug Daigle, Social Worker WHS
David Nadeau, Windham Town Council
Matthew Cyr, Windham Police Department

Not pictured:
Aimee Senatore, Sebago Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce
Chris Howell, Principal – WHS
Sandy Prince, Superintendent RSU#14
Rich Drummond, RSU#14 Athletic Director
Matt Perkins, Physical Education WHS
Liz Blackwell-Moore, Opportunity Alliance
Rachael Maloney Hawkins, SMART Child & Family Services

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Community Resource Pamphlet
Windham/Raymond Community Resources PDF Document

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